Pilot/Lab Scale Plant

KERONE along with its dedicated team of lab scale plant manufacturing and design team and technically equipped manufacturing facilities has helped in succeeding in providing the high quality and technically advanced lab scale plant for the various need of our customers’ expectations and requirements. We are having more than 40years experience in providing the various types of the pilot lab scale plant. KERONE understands the critical importance of lab scale systems in process development.

Pilot scale process equipments are just replica of the large scale process equipment only deference is the size and input capacity which is comparatively less. Lab scale process equipments are very small scale processing such as R&D and laboratory experiments, the lab scale process equipments are made to provide the high level of accuracy.


  • Integrated Design-Build Facilities
  • Modular Design and Fabrication
  • Flexibility
  • Scale-Appropriate Solutions
  • Safety
  • Vertical Integration
  • Creativity and Innovation

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