Melting point Apparatus

PROGRAMMABLE OIL MELTING POINT APPARATUS is designed to determined the MELTING point,BOILING Point or FLOW Point of a substance. Three samples can be observed in the heating bath & adjustable magnifying lens enhances the measuring accuracy by providing the user with best possible view of capillaries.Solid state electronic circuit is used to give precise control over the entries temp range.Sensitive PT.1 00 Temp Sensor is used,which responds to temp.Changes more rapidly hence melting point determination is performed faster.Provision to set PRE TEMP

Limit to approximately 15oc.Below the expected Melting Temp of the sample Section of rate of heating results in to accurate determination of Melting Point.

Hold Temp.Switch is provided to hold the temp.In Programmed mode.

Display : Digital 12mm Red LED

Tem Range : Up To 300 c

Resolution : 1 C

Rate of heating : 0.5,12,5 C Selectable after reaching present temp. Stirrer Magnetic witch Teflon coated bit

Viewing : Through magnifying glass, background illuminated.

Bath : 100ml oil bath with level marking

Sensor : RTD(PT-100Temp Sensor)

Hold : Facility to hold temp

Sample : Capillaries 3Nos.tar Melting Point Mini Test Tube 1 No.For Boiling point

Dimension : 300W *220 D s 260 mm H

Weight : 5kg.approx

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