Flask Shaker

Application in various research laboratories for shaking the liquid in glass flasks. It is a concept bench top model unit. Heavy platform is fitted with rubber disc to hold conical flasks from 50mlm to 1000ml capacity. The shaker is mounted on ball bearing crankshafts to give an orbital circular motion to the flasks. The diameter of the orbit is approximately 2".

The entire assembly is mounted on a rental casing which houses a motor coupled by means of V belt with pitch pulleys. The motors supplied is of Compton Greaves or equivalent make.

Rotary Flask Shaker :
Power requirements To work on 220 Volts, Single phase,50 Hz, AC supply

Platform Sizes:
Holding Capacity H.P(Motor)
450mm*450mm 16flasks of 250ml 0.25
550mm*550mm 24flasks of 250ml 0.25
850mm*650mm 36flasks 0f 250 ml 0.25

Griffin Flask Shaker :
Heavy duty M.S Body mounted on four vibration absorbing rubber legs.AFHP motor is used. The Horizontal Spindle is caused to oscillate through a small angle. Flask of 500ml Capacity each can be mounted at any desired angle on the spindle. Continuously variable speed control can be achieved from a gentel motion to a violent agitation.Unit works on 230V AC, 50 Hz.Supply.

Holding Capacity Models
250ml or 500ml 4&6 Flask shaker

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