Water Still (Distillation Unit)

All Glass water still
All glass water distillation is a unique & intelligent water distillation unit.The heating element is ceramic bobbin heater with Nichrome heating wire. The distillates of unit have very low conductivity(less than 1 mho).The company has two model viz, 1.5lt/hr distillation water output for continuous run & 4.5 liters/hr capacity.

Added Feature :
The unit has unique feature for automatic water level maintain by solid -state device.It gives audible alarm when the water level is sufficient.Both the unit comes in 3phase/single phase electrical poer supply model.The whole unit of the system is made of stainless steel. The unit is totally hassle & maintenance free with intelligent & user Friendly.

Water Still Condenser Opening type :
These electrically operated water stills have been scientifically designed to ensure economy in operation and beyond occasional cleaning they do not require any special attention.

Complete body and condenser tube is made of stainless steel .A triple vapor baffles provided to avoid splashing of water into delivery tube.The lid is automatically sealed by recess in the head of the still into which the flange of the lid rests.The minimizes the loss of steam.The water supplied to the still through the constant level arrangement also serves to condense the steam in the condenser. The condenser tube can be dismantled without any difficulty, by removing the wing nuts which hold the end condenser jacket together.Removing the lid exposes the evaporating vessel. The still is fitted with immersion type elements,which are capable of displacing the connectors, if the still runs dry. The still is provided with provided with a bucket(to be fixed on a wall) on which it can rest.

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