FluidBed Dryers

KERONE provides complete end to end service from design, manufacturing, erection, commissioning and after installation support. We have been choice of our client due to our commitment towards quality, delivery and technical know-how. We are having over 40 year experience in providing the quality product and services in drying and heating segement.

Fluid bed dryers can be discovered all around industries, from heavy mining through food, fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals. They provide an effective method of drying relatively freeflowing particles with a reasonably narrow particle size distribution. In general, fluid bed dryers operate on a through-the-bed flow pattern with the gas passing through the product perpendicular to the direction of travel. The dry product is discharged from the same section.

  • With a certain velocity of gas at the base of a bed of particles, the bed expands and particles move within the bed.
  • High rate of heat transfer is achieved with almost instant evaporation.
  • Batch/continuous flow of materials is possible.
  • The hot gas stream is introduced at the base of the bed through a dispersion/distribution plate.

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