Spray Dryer

KERONE has been leader in designing, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of Spray dryers various ambits of processes and applications. The spray dryers (IR Dryers) are designed and customized to fit into need of your process need for drying requirement and process plant suitabliity.

Spray drying has been one of the most energy-consuming drying processes, however the spray dryer desinged and build by KERONE is optimised to utilise the energy in very efficient mannes. The Spray dryers has been one that is necessary in production of dairy and food product powders. Basically, spray drying is carried out by atomizing feed liquid into a drying chamber, where the little droplets are submitted to a stream of hot air and convinced to powder particles. As the powder is discharged from the drying chamber, it is passed through a powder/air separator and collected for packaging. Most spray dryers are equipped for primary powder collection at efficiency of about 99.5%, and most can be supplied with secondary collection equipment if necessary.

Salient features of Spray dryers are as follows
  • Solutions, suspensions, slurries and pastes, which can be pumped, can be dried on spray dryers. The advantage of spray dryer is rapid and non-contact drying.
  • Much higher initial temperature of drying medium can be used.
  • High evaporation rates and thermal efficiencies are achieved.
  • It can be quickly started and shut down.
  • It is capable of handling volatile or inflammable solvents in a closed cycle.

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