High Temperature Rotary Kiln Dryer

Indirect heating rotary kilns are those that employ ceramics as the retort material. The ceramic retort was developed to enable the high temperature (about 1800ÂșC) continuous heating of nonmetallic materials to produce stable, high-quality products.

The industrial processing industry makes extensive use of rotary kilns, which assist organizations in fulfilling their goals for resource extraction, process efficiency, and product quality. Because of its wide range of applications, the rotary kiln is an essential part of modern business, and its significance is only growing as the need to create an indirect economy rises.

KERONE is a leader in application and implementation engineering because to its vast experience and talented team of experts. KERONE is dedicated to assisting the industry in optimizing their operations in a way that is both economical and environmentally responsible by providing specialized heating and drying solutions.

    Features :
  • Shell, Cylindrical
  • Rotating drum
  • Feeding and Discharging of Materials
  • Lifters or Internal Flights
  • Heat Origin
  • Control of Temperature
  • Insulation
  • Drive with Variable Speed
  • Gaskets and Seals
  • Dust Collection Mechanism
  • Systems of Automation and Control

    Application :
  • Cement Production
  • Drying of Bulk Materials
  • Metallurgical Processing
  • Waste Incineration
  • Chemical Processing
  • Food Processing
  • Biomass Drying and Pyrolysis
  • Mineral Roasting
  • Carbonization of Biomass

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