Gas Fired Hot Air Generator

We can also make Gas Fired Conveyer Ovens
The heating media used is an oil/ gas fired burner attached to heat exchanger. These are widely used in automotive industry besides various other industries.

  • It is similar to Electrical belt Conveyor Oven but it has Oil/Gas fired heat exchanger as heating media instead of electrical heating elements.
  • The total fuel consumption varies depending upon the size of working chamber & the working temperature.
  • Saves running cost as compared to electrical conveyor oven.
  • The air circulation is done with the help of dynamically balanced blowers to achieve uniform temperature throughout the inner chamber.
  • Fully automatic imported burners are fitted on the heat exchanger for burning of Oil/ LPG.
  • Temperature control: Automatic-Electronic
  • Heating Media: Diesel or LPG fired.
  • Easy to operate requires minimum training.

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