Plastic Annealing Oven

KERONE is pioneer in providing heating systems for the various needs of the processing and manufacturing of Plastic and Plastic articles. Due to scarcity of metal and wood the plastic has became major substitute for them for various applications. In multiple applications plastics needs to demonstrate higher degree of toughness and strength, to achieve the desired toughness the stress present within the various corpuscles bonds must be removed. This process of removal of stress plastic is known as Annealing.

Advantages offered by Infrared in Annealing process are
  • Increase in speed of heating process.
  • Lower-cost of energy.
  • Intensity adjustments are easy for different products.
  • Infrared heater installation is simpler and maintenance cost is lower.
  • Infrared Plastic annealing ovens does not produce residual.
  • An infrared Plastic annealing heater is more cost effective and requires lesser floor space.

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