Basics of Radio Frequency (RF) Heating

At KERONE we are continuously working for better and innovative product development that helps clients for their process heating and drying needs. Radio Frequency (RF) heaters take lesser time than that of conventional heating/drying system.

Radio Frequencies popularly known RF, Radio frequency (RF) is a rate of irresolute in the scope of around 3 khz to 300 Ghz, which relates to the frequency of radio waves, and the oscillating current which transmit radio signals. Radio Frequency travels in the surface of conductor it never penetrates into it this attribute of radio frequency is known as Skin-effect, the skin effect quickly heats the surface of conductor this makes radio frequencies (RF) appropriate choice for heating and drying application where the time is one of the major constraints.

Radio frequency dryers manufactured by KERONE offers many benefits such as:

  • Radio Frequency heats items easily and through the thickness of the item. This result in earlier drying.
  • Radio Frequency heats from internal surface material and not much constraint with its conducting capacity. This gives an even temperature angle all through the material for more predictable item quality
  • The heating and drying rate is equivalent to the measure of water in the material. As the material dries, less Radio Frequency liveliness is kept, the heating rate decreases and most materials won't overheat.
  • Characteristic materials heat at diverse rates so it is believable to high temperature one and only piece of a composite material or to dry a covering without warming the substrate. This enhances item quality by not heating touchy materials.
  • Impulsive ON/OFF control makes the RF Web Dryer to lessen the total time of process by rapidly heating up and cooling down.
  • Online Radio frequency dyers and batch dryers manufactured by KERONE is highly capable as their energy consummation has propionate relation with output, loss of energy is negligible.
  • Radio Frequency heater are more environmental friendly as being very clean process
  • Radio Frequency Heater/Dryers save operational cost by saving time, energy and increased controlled heating.

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