Heating and Cooling Solution

KERONE is having expertise in manufacturing of various types and capacity of heating and cooling systems. KERONE manufactures and exports superior quality Industrial Heating cooling Systems in the market. We are engaged in proffering Heating & Cooling Solution Service that is widely demanded in industries for heating, cooling, drying and curing applications. KERONE quality service is supported by the quality products we use. From Furnaces, Air Conditioners, and Heat Pumps. It uses heating and cooling elements that reach a low-high temperature. The element emits infrared radiation that travels through air or space until it hits an absorbing surface, where it is partially converted to heat and partially reflected. you can call us for all of your Heating and Cooling needs. We are committed to meeting your comfort needs and have a wide array of Heating and Cooling Products and Services that make our mission possible.

Energy efficient
Withstands high temperatures
Increased heater life

Industrial plants
Machinery and metallurgy
Processing equipment

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