Microwave Heating Dryer

KERONE is providing quality and cost effective microwave based industrial dryers (#microwavedryer) irrespective of size and complexity. As company we hold total 40 year experience in providing drying and hating solutions. We have served various types of industries with our designed and manufactured microwave industrial drying system from simple to complex; even we hold expertise in providing microwave drying solution for very critical application having no margin of error due highly reactive input materials.

KERONE provides complete end to end service from design, manufacturing, erection, commissioning and after installation support. We have been choice of our client due to our commitment towards quality, delivery and technical know-how.

In KERONE, at our research and development wing, we have highly experienced team of professionals who made us equipped with the varied rang of Microwave dryers that can be implemented across different verticals.

1. Batch Oven/ Dryers
2. Semi Batch Ovens/Dryers.
3. Continuous (conveyorised) Oven/Dryers.
4. Special purpose customized microwave dryer.

Feature of Microwave Dryers
  • High Quality Magnetrons are being used
  • PID Indicator/controller for easy to understand and operate user control
  • RF/MW choke/timer provision for automatic power control
  • Stainless steel chamber designed to avoid any kind of radiations.
  • Required electrical & thermal safety features for microwave generator
  • Variable frequency (Belt speed control)
  • Variable Power output (selectable) up to 100%
  • Temperature Control

  • Microwave heating process is clean.
  • Microwave heat penetrates both on the surface as well as internally within the object placed for the Treatment.
  • High speed of heating reduces total time of processing.
  • Microwave heating process is highly controllable
  • Spontaneous ON/OFF control

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