Laminar Air Flow Bench

Our laminar air flows are conceptualized to provide a work are completely bathed in high efficiency prefect air which is free from any kind of particulate contamination or impurities.These units are ideally suited in the all applications requiring protection of biological specimens or product from the possible contamination during then process or test.Laminar air flow are clean benches which have their own supply of highly purified air in which the total air present in enclosure moves in a uni directional velocity flowing in parallel lines,Which is free from macroscopic fluctuations.

The Horizontal laminar air flow units directs the air in mono direction which away from the specimen and towards the user,giving ultimate production to the product, which is susceptible to contamination induced by diffusion of contaminated air carrying air transported contaminates from the outside environment.

Our units are fabricated of industrial grade wooden boards/Mild steel covered with mica sheets. T The working table is made of heavy guage stainless steel sheet of grade ss-304.The side panel made out heavy plexi glass sheet is mounted on anodized aluminum frames.The units is supplied differential manometer to guage the pressure drop in the unit while operation,beside the gas cook,power socket etc.All our laminar air flows are fitted with fully washable synthetic pre-filter units and secondary high efficiency perfect air filters made of mini pleated non woven fabric.The efficiency of our filters have a rating of better than 99.69% at DOP(cold) and 99.97% at DOP (hot).

Our Units have the capacity to hold all suspended particles of size>0.3 micron all laminar air Flow units are provided with perfectly balanced (Static as well as dynamic) motor and blower motors bearing ISI mark.All the units are provided with adequate illuminated at work table by means of fluorescent light panel concealed at the upper portion of our laminar air flow to take care of the sterilization of the unit.The illuminated at work table is approx > 800 LuxOptimal wattage ultra violet light is incorporated in the illuminated panel of Our laminar air flow to make care of the sterilization of the existing air present in the enclouser,Thus ensuring the standard of cleanliness inour equipment before the commencement of actual working.

Our Laminar air flow bench are designed to ensure that work enclosure have minimum possible vibration levels and noise level is also contained below 55db.

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