Tablets Disintegration Test Apparatus

TABLET DISINTEGRATIO TEST APPARATUS is a microprocessor based instrument designed for accurate determination time of tables, capsules,as per IP/BP/USP standard.These tests are carried out by quality control and R&D departments in pharmaceutical industry, Two hotplates are provided to maintain the temp of the liquid media(100 ml beaker).

Two Batches of six tablets each can be tested simultaneously.Solid State Heat Regular is provided to control the heat of the hotplate. A constant speed 30 RPM motor drive single bar up & down smoothly to lift two baskets. The stroke is adjusted as per the specifications. Asimple & unique arrangement of loading & unloading the basket makes it user friendly. Digital pre-set Timer 99.59hr is provided to set the integration time & to switch off the motor. In Power failure,the non-volatile memory of the microprocessor remembers the last mode of operation,and complete the test after the power supply is resumed.

No.of Basket Double Basket (2*6 test) Stroke : 50mm approx.30 stroke/mm
Timer Microprocessor base Preset timer 00.01 to 99.59 Hr.With alarm
Display Digital 12mm.Red LED for time
Heat Control Continuously variable Electronic heat control
Dimension 250W*270D*400mm H
Weight 11 kg approx

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