Glass Bending Furnace

A sheet glass (Float glass) can be hot worked at about 600 to 800ºC and can be given very attractive shapes and forms like bending, slumping and fusing to produce varieties of decorative articles which are eye catching in interior decoration in homes, hotels and show rooms. Kerone are designing and manufacturing gas fired glass bending furnaces with state of art technology which are very economical in operation, user friendly and maintenance free.

These furnaces are available in various sizes like 5ftx8ft, 5ftx9ft, 7ftx10ft and more. All these furnaces are very economical in operation due to gas heating and require practically no electrical power except controls. Heating cycle is automatically controlled by Profile PID temperature controllers.

We are also making glass bending furnaces for 90 degree bend teepoys and furniture manufacturing which can be supplied on specific demand.

Features :

  • Excellent finish
  • High performance
  • Low noise

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Glass Bending Furnace
Glass Bending Furnace

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