Pneumatic /Flash Dryer

KERONE is specialized in designing and manufacturing of various type of customized Flash dryers also know as Pneumatic/ Flash dryer. We as having over 40 years experience in providing several type of flash dryers for various application. Our expertise with Infrared and traditional flash dryers had made us well versed with the applications where performance of flash dryers can be improved by using Infrared radiator as main source of heating.

Pneumatic/Flash dryer is used mostly commonly removing surface moisture from smaller particles or fine drying such as screen printing at relatively short drying times. Flash dryers manufactured by KERONE is fitted with superior quality of lamp reflector module, digital temperature controller and hot air blowers.

Pneumatic/Flash dryers are appropriate for drying granular, powdery, pasty, and crystalline products. Flash dryers are very useful in drying heat-sensitive products; flash dryers are successfully used in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, mining, ceramic, and wood industries. To ensure long working life and high efficiency when used for process requirement we manufacture the flash dryer with the materials sourced from our trusted sources and crafted carefully.

General Features
  • Height adjustment for heating panel should be parallel to the pallet
  • Timer, controller
  • Remote start pulse
  • Cooling fans with high volume, pressure
  • Auto, manual switches
  • Digital control panel
  • Caster wheels (brake wheels 2 No) nylon wheels
  • Distance between pallets to floor lever app.
  • Height deviation up to 250 mm from pallet
  • All wiring, ducks on the portable system would be nicely done

Safety Sign

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