Blood bank Refrigerators

Our blood bank refrigerator are conceptualized and designed to meet the challenging requirement of modern day blood to efficiently conserve whole blood and its derivatives beside variety of other product such as vaccines, primers, culture media etc. We strongly believe In the principle of quality first and everything else to follow which reflects in our products, which are renowned for long trouble free services in various blood banks, hospital and research institutes across India aboard . Our blood blank refrigerators are made of corrosion free metal components with advance poly urethane insulation ensuring maximum thermal efficiently and durability.

We specialize in both standard and customized models of blood bank refrigerator specilly designed to meet various special requirement of our customers across India and aboard.

Cooling :
An energy efficient cooling unit is installed in our mortuary chambers, we use ISI marked high and cfc free compressors of kirloskar / Tecumseh make conforming to latest international standards and guidelines.

Temperature Range :
Temperature Range of our standards blood banks refrigerator models are 20c to 40c. However we have the capacity to modify the same to the same individual specializes requirement of our customer.

Temperature Control :
The Temperature inside our blood bank refrigerators is controlled through programmable, mrico processor based temperature controller cum indicator.

Temperature sensitivity :
Temperature inside our seed germinator are controlled with a sensitivity _+ 1o c or better.

A audio visual temperature alarm :
A audio visual temperature alarm is provided in the unit for protection during temperature fluctuations.

Our blood bank refrigerators are provided with door operated illuminations system compressing of fluorescent lights.

Capacity Working Chamber Size
50 Blood bags 85 liters
110 Blood bags 165 liters
200 Blood bags 200 liters
250 Blood bags 280 liters
360 Blood bags 400 liters

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