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CO2 Removal, also referred to as Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR), is a set of technologies and practices meant to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in order to address the climate issue. It is an essential tool of the struggle against global warming and the negative consequences it has on the environment. Since CO2 is one of the greenhouse gases involved in this phenomena, it increases the greenhouse impact by heating the planet Earth's surroundings and raising global temperatures.

Kerone is a trustworthy partner in the fight against climate change. At Kerone, our goal is to provide innovative solutions to address the steadily increasing CO2 emissions. Our goal is to enhance the earth, and part of that effort is getting rid of CO2 technology, which not only improves the environment but also lowers the carbon footprints of both individuals and organizations.

In a time when environmental responsibility is important, Kerone offers innovative CO2 collection technology to mitigate the effects of climate change. For this reason, our organization is committed to developing quick and dependable techniques for gathering carbon dioxide from various global sources. We are able to tailor our services to meet your needs because we have expertise in accelerated weathering, carbon mineralization, direct air capture, and afforestation.

More than ever, CO2 capture systems need to be effective and deployable due to growing worries about climate change. The idea of CDR entails a number of processes that work to eliminate excessive levels of excess carbon dioxide gas from atmospheric air and permanently store it in a safe state. Removing CO2 from the atmosphere might help lessen its possible negative impacts, such as marine acidification and climate change, which can have an impact on both society and the environment as a whole.

One of the key elements of the global warming mitigation plans, along with other mitigation measures, is the removal of carbon dioxide, or the separation and storage of CO2. We recognize that this is a critical moment for our planet's transition to a robust and sustainable future, and that CO2 removal technology needs to be developed and implemented.

    Natural Gas :
  • CO2 minimization to meet pipeline specification
  • Lowest cost natural gas
  • Our efficient membrane technology reduces CO2 to less than 3%.

Enhanced Oil Recovery using Associated Gas.
Utilize Air Liquid Advanced Separations’ CO2 separation technology for the recovery of methane from associated gas, while employing CO2 reinjection for reservoir maintenance.

Onshore and Offshore
These membranes are appropriate for onshore and offshore use as supplied by Air Liquid Advanced Separations.

    Other Applications :
  • Amine units and hybrid systems.
  • Climate Stabilization
  • Carbon Offsetting
  • Renewable Energy Integration
  • Agriculture and Land Use
  • Carbon-Negative Materials
  • Ocean Health
  • Geoengineering Research
  • Climate Policy Implementation
    Advantages :
  • Lowered capital and operational costs because of low pretreatment requirement for robust membrane technologies.
  • The high-performance hollow fiber membrane technology significantly reduces plant size and footprint.
  • These membranes are highly selective and reduce permeate/ flare hydrocarbon losses.

The Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) technologies are applicable for various purposes that contribute significantly towards the global climate problem. They include afforestation & reforestation to improve forest ecosystems and atmospheric absorption, DAC to capture ambient CO2 and store it, and C-mineralization that turns CO2 into minerals. In addition, Carbon dioxide Removal (CDR) is employed in BECCs, a combination of bioenergy production and carbon capture which makes energy generation more sustainable. Besides that, oceans are applied with two solutions aimed at reducing CO2 load in seawater and hence mitigating ocean acidity thus increasing chances of survival for sea lives. Collectively, these apps reduce CO2 levels in our atmosphere, work towards combatting climate change and enable us have a sustainable, better world.

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