Surface Heating Treatments System

The concept of surface heating very popular in industrial applications such as textile, ceramic, wood, metal, paper & printing, processed food and FMCG, the output required to be dried from the outer skin to harden it from surface or crust. Most common application of surface heating is making of bread where outer crust of bread is harden but the inner part is kept comparatively soft, even in paper printing it’s required to dry the printing ink by heating the surface of material on which printing has been done.

The conventional heating system when used for the surface drying, it requires huge setup and requires high energy source, conventional surface heating system heats the surface of material by utilizing hot air or steam as medium to transfer the heat. Hence it increases the surrounding temperature, also result in hug loss of energy and power. To achieve the better result in less cost, by maintaining ambient temperature the conventional heating systems are replace by advanced Infrared heating system.

Infrared surface heaters utilizes the property of infrared radiation to generate the heat on the surface of material itself, since the infrared surface heaters uses infrared radiation and this infrared rays are not absorbed by the air this results in maintaining ambient temperature. Heat is generated on the surface hence the rate heating is more, this result is shorter time required for the drying of material. Infrared dryers (IR dryers) hinder the formation of a skin or blisters on the surface and accelerate the drying of the paint, this results in a shining surface quality.

KERONE is one of the leading names in designing and manufacturing surface heating system for various industrial needs since last 40 year we have helped various industries to achieve desired result from surface heating system from conventional to new age Infrared heaters. We understand the technicality and process of industrial requirement and accordingly design infrared (IR) surface heaters.

Advantages of Surface Heating treatment Systems
  • IR heating systems are faster heating system, results in saving of time.
  • Instant heating of the material, hence no warm up time.
  • Environmental friendly and green heating solution, no carbon emission.
  • 100% energy utilization, Heats only desired spot of material.
  • Better floor utilization index, as compact in size.
  • No Temperature loss in surrounding, ambient workplace.

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