Conventional heating dryers

KERONE has designed, built and had made operational various types of Conventional heater and dryers for verity of applications. KERONE is holding 40 years rich experience in helping various industries with their cost effective and efficient conventional dryers strictly designed as per process requirement to achieve high quality output. Conventional dryers are designed to adapt all the parameter of the existing process so as not to compromise with time and quality.

The conventional dryers designed and build by KERONE of high quality. We manufacture various type of conventional dryer

1. Batch type
2. Conveyorised type
With Uniform Temperature Zone
With varying temperature Zone
Can accommodate multiple types of conveyor mechanism.

Both the type of conventional dryers can be built with multiple technologies such as

1. Hot Air dryer - Oil fried, Gas Fired, Electric Fired
2. Hot Water Dryers - Oil fried, Gas Fired, Electric Fired
3. Hot Steam Dyers - Oil fried, Gas Fired, Electric Fired

General Feature
  • Maintenance cost -low
  • Construction- Strong Steel
  • Installation- Speedy and Easy
  • Durability and Efficiency- High
  • Control and temperature correction- Smart User interface
  • Engineering- Engineered after studying all critical factors
  • Functioning- Easy to use and Hassle-free
  • Longer service life

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